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The ranges of this area have an old and fascinating history, one that is only completely understood when surrounded by the awesome power of the Karakoram




Trek to unbelievable destinations mountain range,Karakorum ..let's try!


Climb LATOK GROUP (7145-M,7108-M, 6949-M)

Latok (I, 7145,)(II,7108,)(III,6949),(IV, 6456) group is a small cluster of dramatic rock peaks in the Panmah Muztagh, part of the central Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan.It's lie just to the east of the Ogre group, dominated by Baintha Brakk. To the immediate south of the Latok group lies the Baintha Lukpar Glacier, a small tributary of the Biafo Glacier, one of the main glaciers of  Karakoram. On the north side of the group lies the chocti Glaciers. The group comprises four main summits, each listed here with its relative position in the group, elevation, and first ascent date:
Latok I, north-central, 7,145 m, climbed 1979
Latok II, west, 7,108 m, climbed 1977
Latok III, east, 6,949 m, climbed 1979
Latok IV, southeast, 6,456 m, climbed 1980

(Latok I) was first climbed in 1979 by a Japanese expedition led by Naoki Takada; the first summit party comprised Sin'e Matsumi, Tsuneo Shigehiro, Yu Watanabe, and they were followed three days later by Hideo Muto, Jun'ichi Oku, and Kota Endo. They started from the Baintha Lukpar Glacier and climbed a buttress to reach the East Ridge.
The steep North Ridge of Latok I, 2,500 m (8,200 ft) high, is a notorious unclimbed route: it was first attempted,  by the   American  climbers Jim Donini Michael Kennedy, George Lowe, and Jeff Lowe. The lightweight style of this climb was widely admired, despite the lack of a summit.
(Latok II) saw its first ascent in 1977, by an Italian group led by Arturo Bergameschi.
(Latok III) First ascent in 1979, when a Japanese team under the leadership of Yoji Teranishi climbed the Southwest Ridge route. They climbed the Southwest Ridge, and the summit party were Teranishi, Kazushige Takami, and Sakae Mori.

Name of Peaks:     Latoq,I,II,III,                Elevation:    7145-M (26,23442ft)),7108-M (23,320ft),6949 (22799FT)
Range:                  Karakoram                   Location:    Askoli/Biafo Glaciers  Baltistan
Best Period:         15 June –  August         Base Camp height    4000-M

Ideal Duration:      35 days                        First Ascent    1979,1977,1979,
Camp required      03                                Zone Tyep    Permitted

Days    program                              Hight    
1 Welcome to Pakistan (Islamabad) 500-M    Hotel
2 Flight  to Skardu,subject to weather,Drive to  chilas  12-13hrs  1200-M  Hotel
3 Drive from Chilas to Skardu 8-9hrs  2450-M  Hotel4 Free day  Preprations sight seeings
5 Drive to Askoli   6-7hrs  3060m                   
6 Trek  to Namla  camp 5-6hrs  3300-M          

7 Trek to Mango Camp 5-6 hrs  3500-M          
8 Trek to Basecamp 3-4hrs  3800-M  
9-30 Acclimataion/Climbing Days

31 Trek back to mango camp7-8hrs                          
32    Trek to Askoli Village                                             
33    Drive to Skardu  by jeep  7-8hrs 2450-M     
34    Flight to Islamabad,subject to weather,Drive to Chilas  8-9hrs  Hotel
35    Onward to your own Distinations     

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