K2 Classic & GGLA Circular Trek

Treks  Highlights 

  • Experience the stunning mountain flight from Islamabad to Skardu
  • Witness of the Karakorum's 8000m peaks from their base camps
  • Get up close and personal with K2 (8611m), Broad Peak (8,047m), and unparalleled views of the beautiful  Nanga Parbat (8,126m)
  • Visit Gilkey Memorial
  • Trek beneath and explore around K2, the Gasherbrum, Masherbrum,
  •  Broad Peak, Trango Tower, Cathedral Peaks, Muztagh Tower, Chogolisa amongst many others
  • Trek along the mighty Baltoro Glacier and camp at Concordia and several base camps
  • Experience the stunning mountain flight from Islamabad to Skardu
Range: Karakoram Country: Pakistan
Max Altitude: 5585 M Duration: 22 Days
Best Season: June to September Walking per day: 5-8 Hours
Grade: Medium Ideal Group Size: 7 to 12
Hotel Nights: 07 Camping Nights: 13

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The K2 Base Camp & Gondogoro La Trek is an adventurous and challenging trekking route that takes trekkers through the spectacular Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. The trek starts in the remote village of Askole, follows the Braldu  River, and eventually leads to the base camp of K2, the second highest mountain in the world. From the K2 base camp, the trek continues over the challenging Gondogoro La Pass (5,585m), which offers stunning views of some of the highest peaks in the region, including K2, Broad Peak, and Gasherbrum. The pass is considered to be one of the difficult treks in the region, requiring a good level of fitness, and experience. The trek takes about 18-22 days to complete and passes through rugged terrain, glacial valleys, and traditional Balti villages. Trekkers can experience the unique culture and hospitality of the Balti people, who have lived in the region for generations.

Day 1 Arrival in Islamabad

On arrival, where you will be meet the AMT staff member  at Islamabad International Airport and transferred to hotel in Islamabad drive for 45 minutes

Day 2 Flight to Skardu or Drive to Chilas 

On this day we have two option (A) The plan is for our whole group to catch an early morning flight to Skardu (55 minutes), the largest city in Baltistan. If the weather is clear, we can catch some truly incredible  views of Nanga Parbat and other massive peaks in the area. Once in Skardu guests will have free time throughout the day to rest and to explore the city and the bazaar. Today, we will finalize our trekking permits at the local government office and have dinner together as a group. Over dinner, you will be properly introduced to your trekking staff. or (B) If we are unable to take our flight on the morning of day two because of bed weathere, it is possible that we will have to drive overland to Skardu from Islamabad (17-18 hours). This is long journey on road travel to KKH. AMT staff will evaluate what the best options are for the group and go from there. Flying is obviously the best case scenario! To break up the drive, we would sleep in Chilas for the night before pushing on to Skaru the next day.

Day 3 Shopping & Preparation day at Skardu 

Today, the AMT team is busy food shopping and packing all of the group supplies. Guests have free time in the city during the morning and early afternoon. In the late afternoon (time permitting), we will visit the Kharpocho Fort as a group for those who want to come. After excursion we will have dinner again as a group before setting off in the morning. If the group is arriving overland from Islamabad, the entire schedule is bumped back a day, to allow for a day of rest in Skardu (that is why we schedule in buffer days!)

Day 4 drive to Askoli / Jhola

Today, our adventure begins in earnest! Our team will assemble early at the hotel and after breakfast, we will load up the 4×4 jeeps and begin the dusty road journey through  past Askoli to Jhula camp – Askoli is the gateway to Central Karakoram National Park, was the last village where jeep road end . As of 2021, jeep road  has been extended and able to reach till Jhula camp site. The journey from Skardu takes between 9 and 10 hours depending on road conditions. which means we can now start the trek from Jhula camp instead of Askoli – which saves us a day of hot, dusty trekking on the road. We will eat lunch in Askoli or before the way some lunch point.  We will arrive at Jhula in the late afternoon and sleep at a permanent trekkers camp at Jhula.

Day 5 Jhula-Paju 3383m

After breakfast Trek start to Paju (3,383 ) at 06:30 to 07:00am,Approx 6-7 hrs After the considerable organization of equipment, supplies and porter loads for the journey ahead. Between Jhula to Paju ,mostly flat with small gains and descents. The day is hot, exposed to much sun if the sunny weather, and dusty. Sunscreen and your water bottles  will be your greatest friend today! We may be treated by a rowdy Balti music session from the porters after dinner at camp incase no holly month of muslims, otherwise they respect they holly month . Cold “showers” (a faucet basically) are available.

Day 6  Paju-Khubursay 2566m

After early breakfast start to Khubursay 8-9 hours of hiking between 06:30am to 05:00pm. After about  an hour of walking, we will enter onto the Baltoro Glacier. We will be hiking along the mighty Baltoro until we reach Concordia in several days time. Itwill 3 to 4 hours to finish the first glacier trails till lunch point (Leligo)40 minute will take a lunch and resting for while than start towards Khubursay, it will take another 3 to 4 hours to reach at campsite. The terrain is hilly, rocky, and uneven, with a few scattered bit of proper trail. Khubursay camp can feel a bit cramped, but there is a beautiful waterfall nearby as well as fine opportunities for sunrise view points. Toilets are basic.

Day 7 Khubursay-Urdokas 4130m

Today easy hike, after relaxing breakfast , start around 08:00am to Urdokas camp , will cross a couple of icy side glaciers on the way and may have our first sight of Broad Peak and the Gasherbrum. The historical campsite is located on a grassy slope high above the Baltoro and commands one of the most intense mountain views in this world. The campsite was prepared by the Duke of Abruzzi at the beginning of this century. As we gain in altitude, we are mindful not to push ourselves to hard or sleep too high too fast. Urdukas is a truly spectacular campsite, and one of our favorites along the whole trek. Excellent views of Trango Towers, Muztagh Tower, and Lobsang can be seen directly from camp.

Day 8 Rest day at Urdokas camp

Rest day. Wash up, relax, read, climb on rocky stone up to the beautiful greenery pasture  on a behind the camp, sing and dance with the porters! Depending upon the size of the party, goat will be sacrificed and meat will be distributed to the porters as a form of thanks giving and to bring us good luck on our next day’s walk on the Baltoro .

Day 9 Urdokas -Goro II (4250M)

After breakfast , start around 07:30am to Goro-II, 5 – 7 hours of moderate difficulty up and down glacier terrain. Today we are starting to feel the altitude. Lunch stop at Goro 1. Temperatures can drop below zero at night at Goro 2. Basic toilets at the camp. Spectacular views along the trail of Masherbrum, Gasherbrum IV, and the summit of Broad Peak can be seen from just outside your tent.

Day 10 Goro II-Concordia 4650m

Today we reach the “Throne Room of the Gods” Concordia. 5-6 hours of pleasant trekking over glacier, with more ice present than previous days. A special day today as we trek into Concordia and enjoy our first views of K2 (weather permitting!). This location must be considered one of the world's most spectacular camps as it is surrounded by stunning peaks. As we leave Goro II, the Biange Glacier to the north provides a superb view up to Muztag Tower (7284m), one of the most difficult mountains in the Karakoram to climb. Concordia is Amazing views of Gasherbrum IV, Mitre Peak, Broad Peak, Marble Peak, BaltoroGangree and of course, K2 can be seen from camp! Temperatures at Concordia drop well below freezing at night and snow/snowfall is possible here any time of the year. After a great dinner and solid rest, tomorrow we head to K2 Base Camp!

Day 11 Visit Concordia -K2 BC & back to Concordia 4700m

Early ( 04:00 , 05:00 am) start to K2 Base camp. Total trekking distance to Concordia is roughly 15 km. Our schedule is somewhat flexible according to the prevailing weather conditions and group preference. One of our objectives is to visit K2 Base Camp (approx 5000m) and the Gilkey Memorial, a spectacular full-day trip from camp. The most exciting day of this trek as you walk pass Broad peak and get nearer to K-2 and arrive at the strip which is the most popular camping area for nearly all the expeditions to K-2. Here some of the top climbers of the world can be seen busy in preparations for the challenges ahead  if they didn’t closed there missions after spent some time and taking lunch then back to Concordia in right time , we need to arrive at Concordia before evening . Either the group want to night at Base camp .Weather is important factor to cross Gondogorola, we will follow the weather update , from here we need good weather for 3 days to cross Gondogorola , so we must follow according to weather conditions 

Day 12 Rest day at Concordia 

After our big hike to K2 Base Camp, we will spend the day relaxing at the camp – reading, drinking tea, eating, going on short explorations of the area – this is the planning for this awesome day. Concordia is one of the most spectacular campsites in Pakistan and we want to take a full day to soak it in without any major trekking to do! It is pretty common for the teams of Balti Porters to throw a bit of a high-altitude dance party of sorts – Balti Style if there mood be ok for enjoying . The rest of the day is spent resting and preparing for our trek to Ali Camp the following day. If the weather is bad, it is possible that we will sleep an additional night at Concordia

Day 13 Concordia -Ali Camp 5000m

6-7 hours of trekking over glacier and pockets of deep snow, especially as we approach the upper end of the valley close to Ali Camp. Some of our porter team will be leaving us today with the pack mules, as the mules are unable to cross over Gondogorola. Ali Camp is set in an good  location, though the camp is quite small and can be quite crowded if many teams are present.Gondogoro Rescue team from Hushe valley already have camping here. We will rest and prepare our simple climbing gear for Gondogorola for the majority of the afternoon and early evening before setting off to cross the Gondogorola  aroundmid night 12:30am. We will have dinner early so that guests can catch a few hours of rest before we begin the climb.

Day 14 Ali camp-GGLA Pass 5580-Khuspang 4200m

This is a long and challenging day of10-12 hours of trekking. Our group will set off in the dark by headlamp around midnight. From Ali Camp, it is 4-5 hours of steady climbing to gain the top of the GondogoroLa  pass. Once a top, the views and achievement create tears in everyone's eyes and make the whole journey worthwhile! We can enjoy stunning sunrise views of every Karakoram major peak, of All four 8000m mountains (K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum-I and Gasherbrum-II are visible in one direction and in the other the lush and inviting Hushe valley with the beautiful Laila peak floating above. Defiantly  We will be praying for clear weather ! The descent from Gondogorola into the valley below is done with the assistance of a series of fixed ropes by Hushe rescue team. We recommend you come with arrange harness and crampons ,hamlet from your home, here it will greatly helpful while descending. Extreme care needs to be taken on the descent (helmets will be warn) and all guests will be clipped into the rope from thir climbing harness. Trekking from the top of the pass to Khuspang Camp takes about four to five hours. If the weather is clear, the group will be treated to incredible views from our camp of Laila Peak, located just down the valley.

Day 15 Khuspang -Shaicho 3230m

9-10 hours of trekking. The first two hours is on glacier moraine, before the landscape changes into green, hilly, easy trail. There are a two small river crossings and several steep, exposed sections to be expected as well. A beautiful, well spaced campsite with multiple stream systems running through it awaits us at Shaicho. Our trail takes us through yak pastures and we soon see our first trees since Paju to our overnight camp at Shaicho, which is a stunning campsite surrounded by beautiful tree, wild roses and  wondering river. There are views up the Charakusa Valley to K7 (6,934m).In addition after successfully crossing  GGLA, it oftenleads to celebrationsand parties to happen at Shaicho as the team and staff relax and enjoy local songs and dancing, in additions if the team happy with staff and porters than the trekking team  arrange a goat for Farwell party ,which can by upper sheep hut of Hushe community .

Day 16 Shaicho -Hushe-drive to Skardu

2-3 hours of trekking. We end the trek in the beautiful Balti village of Hushe. Here you will take a final cup of chai and say goodbye to our team of porters before making our way back to Skardu by jeep 5-6 hours .We will have lunch en route to Skardu. Once you reach the hotel in Skardu, be prepared for one of the best showers of your life!

Day 17 Rest Day in Skardu

After completing the long trek, today the group takes a day to reflect, rest, do laundry, and eat!!

Day 18 Fly to Islamabad or drive to Islamabad 

Early Morning Flight to Islamabad from Skardu We will have a chill day in Islamabad and an AMT feast all together OR we will be driving the KKH en route to Islamabad if have flight delays over night in Besham.

Day 19 Leisure day in Islamabad incase not arrive in ISB

After early breakfast leave to Islamabad for 7-hours’ drive.

Day 20 Onward to your home destinations 

Day On this day you have be going to meet with your sweet family and friends , we will arrange vehicles with our representatives  to drop you  at Islamabad Airport .

Good By 

All inclusive of trekking services

All Airport Pi ck & drop on arrival and  departure - 

One Welcome Dinner in a tourist standard restaurant in Islamabad with our Islamabad management.

Visa support Letter.

Assistance for International ticket reconfirmation.

Documentation for the  trekking  related to Govt and non Govt department

Both way domestic flight between Islamabad to Skardu and Skardu to Islamabad.

VIP Air condition transport for Briefing and Debriefing at Alpine club Islamabad or Tourism office at Skardu.

Both way Air conditions transport,Car,Highroof,Coaster, between Islamabad & Skardu and back for same incase flight cancellation or special demand of group for travelling on KKH.

Local transport 4 by 4 jeep service from Skardu to Jhula and back to Skardu via the same.

Comfortable transport service between Hushe , Khaplo Skardu incase cross GondogoroLa.

Two nights' accommodation in Islamabad on twin sharing basis in 3/4 star Hotel.

Two nights' accommodation in Chilas best Hotels with full board service on twin sharing incase travel through KKH.

Three Nights' accommodation in best Hotels in Skardu with full board services on twin sharing basis.

Trekking  permit as per Govt Rules of every year.

CKNP waste management fee $150 for per member.

Comprehensive Medical kit for group and staff.

Per member Luggage of 20 Kgs during the trek.

 3 times meals a day (BLD)  including tea and coffee) along with accessible accommodation at Hotel/Lodge/Camp during the trek at Base camp.

Quality meals providing with delicious dishes including (Pakistani,BBQ,Chinises,English and traditional mountains style foods.

Imported and local foods for both treks & expeditions.

Trekking Kitchen staff (Cheff,Cook, assistant and waiters) belongs to Karakoram valleys Baltistan.

All Necessary equipment for Camping during the trek.

Complete camping setup with well manage Kitchen and Dining tents during camping..

Farwell Dinner at Skardu or Islamabad with rest of the group members & staff.

Services not Include  within the cost

International flight airfare & airport taxes.

Pakistani Visa fee.

Lunch & dinner during the stay in Islamabad (also in case of early return from Trekking / Expedition than the scheduled itinerary).

Extra Nights’ accommodation in Islamabad & Skardu. In case of early arrival or late departure, early return from Trekking / Expedition (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary.

Personal Expenses such as Telephone Calls, Internet, Toiletries, hot shower, laundry, soft drinks, beers, and any Alcoholic beverages (during the trek and in Islamabad / Skardu.

Personal Equipment likewise  Clothing, Packing Items ,sleeping Bags, Personal Medical Kit, Personal Trekking /Climbing Gears.

Toiletries of Soaps, shampoos, toilet and tissue papers, toothpaste, and other items used to keep yourself clean.

Extra wages of member personals more than mentioned in our service packages

Cargo fee & custom charges for import and export.

Climbing gears and personal equipment’s and tents for high camps.

Special Filming, Camera, and Drone permit fee.

Tips for Drivers, Trekking/Expeditions staff.

Extra: Any other services or activities, which are not mentioned in the itinerary.

Any other item not listed in the “Cost Includes” section.

Member personal Insurance.

Rescue Evacuation: Medical and emergency rescue evacuation costs if required.(Rescue, Repatriation, Helicopter, Medication, Medical Tests, and Hospitalization costs).

NOTE: Special Note: We recommend to clients must protect themselves by travel insurance , the premium should cover at least $30k to $35K for climb high on the mountains, and 20k to 25k for lower then 8000m and trekking height at 4000m to 5000m .A copy of insurance need to bring or send it through to our office by email. If any unforeseen happens at mountains while trekking then we claim to relevant insurance company to make sure to avail rescue mission

Our Service :

We offer full-board service-on demand packages for international & domestic group guests as well as an individual guest. We handle trips with such a great care that each and every single guest exceeds their expectations.

Our all inclusive approach, quality services at the best prices make our adventures great value for money. Our trip costs cover valuable inclusions like all meals while trekking and a dedicated local crew who will go the extra yard to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. Our high level of support allows you to relax and focus on the incredible journey ahead of you.

Our Staff :

We are (AMT) have a dedicated team of professionals belongs to heart of Karakorum/Himalaya,Hindukush,having inborn attachment and experienced,familier to caters in, Expeditions, Treks and Tours, believe in delivers to excellent, quality service and safety at the forefront .We employ a large number of local tours guides who are multi-lingual making it easy to communicate with visitors .

Our all inclusive approach;

Quality services at the best prices make our adventures great value for money. Our trip costs cover valuable inclusions like all meals while trekking and a dedicated local crew who will go the extra yard to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. Our high level of support allows you to relax and focus on the incredible journey ahead of you.

Innovative itineraries

We've been organizing treks and tours in Pakistan for many years and our firsthand knowledge of the region is exceptional.

Accommodation :

A. Hotels :

In cities and large towns you will be accommodated in 3-4 Star  standard Hotels  that are centrally located, atmospheric and reliable.

B. Camping :

Enjoy fully our wilderness supported camping in remote mountains valleys in Karakoram & Himalayan Mountains with our outstanding crew. While the campsite locations have been handpicked for their location, our commitment to responsible travel ensures our footprint is kept to a minimum.

Committed with Excellency

Responsible multiple trips practice is at the heart of every program that we offer. When you book one of our adventures trips you're supporting a program that ensures is committed to safety and sustainability.

Price Criteria :

We always care about customers in pricing as per customer's need. We have wide range of pricing options from cheapest to luxury. We compromise according customers' plan and budget.

Our philosophy :

 AMT philosophy is  only operating with small / Medium size groups provides ,more personalized service. This minimizes environmental impact and continues to have a proven advantage in our success rates, superior to any other operator. We ensure that  clients are in the best prepared shape of their life.

CEO Massage :

You are taking your first steps into the realm of the outdoors, or  a seasoned adventurer, we believe you will find the quality of the experience offered on Adventure Service second to none. We invite you to contact to discuss your next adventure and enjoy exploring our website and the wealth of information that we provided here for you.

Packing List:

Trekking in Pakistan requires decent gear. Especially the basics like an 80-90l backpack and quality trekking socks. Read here what to bring with you;

Documents :

– Passport

– Travel insurance

– Boarding passes for flights

– 2 passport photos

– Driving License

– Dollars in cash

– Credit card (make sure you have $500 available on your card

in case evacuation by helicopter is required)

Sleep :

– Sleeping bag

– Extra sleeping bag lining

Footwear :

– Mountain shoes: 3 or 4 season lightweight

– Slippers or sandals for the city

– Aircraft shoes (optional)

Clothing :

– Make sure you have non-cotton clothing for during the trek

– 2 t-shirts with under layer (e.g. running t-shirts)

– Fleece / soft-shell jacket

– Waterproof jacket

– Down jacket for warmth

– Travel and city wear

– Underwear

– Trousers for under layer (optional)

– Waterproof pants

– Trekking pants

– Trekking shorts (optional)

– 2 thick trekking socks

– Lightweight and breathable trekking socks

– Gloves and woolen hat

Accessories :

– One backpack: 35 liters

– A duffel bag or backpack with straps to go over your back (Max

8kg weight for the porters to carry)

– Dry bag or waterproof cover for your backpack

– Water bottle/thermos: at least 2 liters.

– Sunglasses

– Sunscreen

– Personal medication – Inhaler, blister plasters, etc.

– General toiletries, contact lenses, spectacles (if necessary)

– Towel

– Electronics – Headlight, travel adapter, phone & charger

– Lip balm

– Book

– MP3/Music and headphones

– Hand disinfectant, biodegradable wet wipes

High Altitude Porter 

HAP include their daily wages, kit allowance, insurance premium, base camp tents, food,  low altitude porters to carry personal equipment Askoli – Base camp both ways.


Broad Peak ,GI,GII-! $3800

Nanga Parbat! $4200

High Altitude Tent (North Face, Kailas, Ozark)U$D 380 each tent for rental, in case sewerage damage then the full tent price shall be impose as U$D 650 each. 
EPI GasAMT provide the best brand EPI gas which shall be charge U$D 12 each Colman, Korean Sport cartridge. 
Oxygen bottles
AMT  provide Imported oxygen the bottle based on 4ltr each and Price will be U$D $600 each bottles. 
Mask and RegulatorWe provide the best new model Mask regulator U$D 750 each. If you want to rental then one Mask and regulator USD $ 380
Snow Bar On sell per Price $12
Cooking Pot$55
Walky TalkyOne set $150
Satellite PhoneRent $289
Cooking Stove$25
Bamboo Stick

How to get a visa for Pakistan ?

Recently, the government has launched a new visa portal and made the visa obtaining procedure easier for 175 countries where you can fill up an online application and submit it to get a tourist visa. Before you can even apply you need to get a letter of invitation (LOI) from ASIAN MOUNTAIN TOURS, basically we will accept responsibility for you. The process is pretty straight forward. After you received your letter of invitation you can apply directly via this portal. https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/tourist-visit-visas/

We support three category visas for only Tourism purpose.

1. Mountaineering visa (Apply only climbing purpose up to 6500m) Obtaining visa 7-8 Working weeks.)

2. Trekking visa (Apply trekking visa for permitted areas) Obtainingvisa 5-6 Working weeks.)https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/mountaineering-trekking

3. Touristvisa (Apply those who have just city and mountains valley Tour)Obtainingvisa within one week)https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/tourist-visit-visas/

For more information Please feel free to contact us.

Is Pakistan safe for travelling?
As  responsible tours operator in Pakistan ''The safety of our guest is always our top priority'. Despite what you hear on the mainstream news, Pakistan is one of the safest country ,thousands of tourist used to visit every  year. Part of the ethos of ASIAN MOUNTAIN Tours is to smash negative stereotypes associated with these baseless news. Indian and some other countries media propagandas to show bed image of Pakistan other than the reality. Don't' trust enjoy a safe travelling in beautiful Country Pakistan' part of  south Asian Region.
How to get a visa for Pakistan?
Recently, the government has launched a new visa portal and made the visa obtaining procedure easier for 175 countries where you can fill up an online application and submit it to get a tourist visa. Before you can even apply you need to get a letter of invitation (LOI) from  ASIAN MOUNTAIN TOURS , basically we will accept responsibility for you. The process is pretty straight forward. After you received your letter of invitation you can apply directly via this portal. https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/visa-on-arrival-tourist/
What are the best trekking routes in Pakistan?
K2 Base Camp is one of the world’s great treks. It has breathtaking scenery unsurpassed anywhere else in the high mountains. K2 Base Camp & Concordia trek is a high altitude walk where you ascend and descend the Baltoro glacier.
How does K2 Base Camp trek compare with K2 &GondogoroLa?
Both treks follow the Baltoro glacier to K2 Base Camp. The difference between these itineraries is that the K2 & GondogoroLa trip crosses the high pass after Concordia. A less Mountaineering experience is helpful for a safe crossing. We send an experienced Guide  withthe  group, also there are already a rescue members from Hushe village, they will taking care for members & porters while ascending and descending. Whereas the K2 Base Camp & Concordia group will walk back down the Baltoro glacier with a local guide. Both groups will meet after their treks in Skardu and then travel back together to Islamabad.
How does Snow Lake compare with K2 Base Camp trek?
K2 Base Camp & Concordia is a more popular trek with a larger number of other groups. Whereas Snow Lake & Hispar La is more remote and has a far fewer number of other trekkers. The scenery is impressive on both of these treks. K2 Base Camp trek has higher mountains including views of four 8,000m summits. Snow Lake trek has views of Kanjut Sar (7,760m), Distaghil Sar (7,885 m) and Makrong Chhish (6,607m). There is the Latok group (Latok I: 7,145m, Latok II: 7,108 m, Latok III: 6,949m, Latok IV: 6,456m) and Baintha.
How  do i get the nearest  Airport for K2 region of Pakistan ?
There are several airports in Pakistan but for our treks and adventures in the Karakorum then most people will fly to Islamabad and then take an enjoyable and stunning flight to Skardu.
What is the minimum altitude during the trek?

All our potential guests must read and know the different elevations mentioned for each trekking day in each programs. This is a hard trek at a very high altitude, But do not worry yourself humans are gifted to become familiar to high elevations, the participants must acclimatize to our well-planned itinerary. The maximum elevations depending on your choice of trek are given below.

GondogoroLa Height/Elevation: 5,585 meter

K2 base camp height/Elevation: 5,130 meters

What is the trek distance and max altitude?

The total trek covers about 167 kilometers over the course of 12 days – with the highest max altitude on the trek GondogoroLa 5,584 meters

How fit do I need to be to complete the trek?
Trip participants need to be in good shape and capable of trekking over mixed terrain for long distances (maximum 5- 8 hours). On average our trekking days are 5 to 8  hours per day. We employ many local porters and mules to help us carry the supplies that will make the trek to K2 a comfortable and rewarding experience.
What will the food be like?

Breakfast:Typically includes an omelet/fried eggs, fried Pakistani bread (paratha) chai/ coffee, tea etc.

Lunch: Will include a mix of local bread, noodle soup, tinned fish, biscuits, crackers, cheese, and green tea / chai.

Dinner: mix of vegetables, rice, noodle dishes, daal, meat (mutton or chicken), and other tasty dishes served up by our experienced cook and crew.

What to wear for walking in Pakistan?
Please consider what you need to pack for your trekking trip in Pakistan. Travelling light is much less hassle, if you do not need it is best to leave behind. The weight limit for your personal bag to be carried by the porter varies from 20kg to 25kg depending on the trek. All bags will be weighed at the hotel in Skardu before departure for the trek. Please check our trekking equipment for your personal belonging to carry while trekking.
Is price fix within the package and how many members minimally you accept ?
We can negotiate all about your trips including price , generally the prices shown on our site are based on a minimum of 4 people. Please  feel free to call or email us to chat about your plans and ambition.
Do you organize ,mountaineering treks / tours for only the packages you have signified ,OR, Do you run private trips in Pakistan?

No we are more encourage for customize for climb, trips/treks. We are familiar to cater all mountains activity 8000m to below 5000m ,as well trekking and tours activity in the renown mountains valley of Pakistan. Our Designated packages are more trending mostly in Karakorum range. We also run private treks /Tours for groups of friends, charities, clubs, organizations and corporate. Please Be sure to mention which Peaks you interested in, we will get back to you with a detailed response to your inquiry. Thanks!

Should we tip our supporting staff, (guide ,kitchen staff, porters ,drivers etc?
Tipping is always a personal choice, but is greatly appreciated by your guides. Check your departure packet for details.
Can women travel alone?
Every year hundreds of women travel alone into the remote valleys of Pakistan. Many of them can be seen in the streets of Hunza, Gilgit and Baltistan. To take a safer holidays in Pakistan we advise you to wear modest dress which cover whole of their body. Secondly before starting a trek or tour with local guide in the wilderness, please report about your program to the nearest police station or to your embassy with the identity/contact of your local guide/company.
What modes of payment do you accept?
When the trips confirm than we receive the mentioned advance amounts of proposed trips or 30% of amount of customize trips, via the bank transfer, and rest of the other amount will collect from Islamabad in cash which we give out our account details once you register.
What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is more realistic for the customer satisfaction.

If you cancel your participation 30 days before the trip we charge a 15% deduction, 15 days before the trip means a 35% deduction and no refunds are offered if you cancel your participation 7 days or less. These deductions do not include any bank transfer charges. Please have a check our terms & conditions.

What Currency Is Used In Pakistan?
Generally it is best to travel with US dollars or, Euro and British pounds and exchange from Islamabad. You will have better rates in Islamabad /Rawalpindi other than Skardu,Gilgit,Hunza.Major credit cards are accepted in the cities in larger hotels and shops and you can withdraw cash from ATMs. Outside the main cities it is best to carry local cash.
What vaccinations are recommended for Pakistan ?
Recommended vaccinations: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever and protection against Malaria. Vaccinations to be considered: Hepatitis B, Rabies, Cholera, Japanese Encephalitis (JE), Tuberculosis (TB) . There is a good network of hospitals, and we recommend comprehensive medical insurance for travelers.


Hotel nights in  Islamabad ,Skardu, Hunza ,Gilgit :3 -4 star

On your way to the starting point of the trek you will sleep in decent hotels in Islamabad and Skardu. Full board and based on a double room. 

Camping :

During your trek you will stay in campsites along the trails. The porters will take care of all camping equipment. Comfortable members’ tent, Mattresses, Mess tent, Kitchen tent, store tent,    toilet tent, table, chairs & kitchen utensils are coming along on your way to the K2 Base Camp.


1.Mode of Payments;

o All provisional reservations of  proposed trips advance deposit  in US Dollar,Ponds,Euro,deposit upon confirmation of the trip to our bank account by telegraphic transfer and balance to be paid when group  arrival in Islamabad.

2.Reservations and Advance Payment:

o All provisional reservations are subject to confirmation on your advance deposit of 25% of price in US Dollars and Euro as advance payment into our account 50 days before arrival of the group/client in Pakistan. The rest of amount must be paid on arrival in Pakistan.

3.Refund Procedures;

o In case canceled after the commencement of the trip or after advance deposit of trips due to any reason whatsoever, no refund will be given on any unutilized services other than hotels, meals and air tickets which are subject to cancellation charges accordingly.

o If the cancellation is made 15 days prior to departure full refund from the advance payment will be made after nominal communication service charge. AMT reserves the right to deduct in respect of hotel reservation, conformation of airline ticket, compile of documentation, and other further necessary work which are being done before the arrival of clients.

o If the cancellation is made in less than 30 days, AMT has reserved right to deduct 10% in shape of paper works.

o 25% cancellation charge from paid package price if the cancellation is made in less than 15 days of arrival date.

4.Timing of Booking;

o We advise you to book your trip minimum 2-3 months before your arrival in Pakistan to avoid any problem in preparing papers to support your visa need for Pakistan. All participants must be in possession of a valid passport and obtain a Pakistani visa. We help our clients with visa invitation letter from AMT, on providing personal information as requested.

5. Supplement Charge:

o On our holidays tour / trek packages, rooms or tents are provided in twin sharing basis. Thus, single room supplement charge will be imposed to client who does not have another tour participant to share room / tent with.

6.Incomplete Tour:

o Anyone deciding to abandon the trip after arrival or leave during the trip due to health or for whatever reason(s) whether the clients own or external (of the nature of force majeure) will not be eligible for any refund. This also applies in case the entire group completes/abandons the trip and decides to return earlier than the agreed time schedule..

7. Impact On Your Journey:

o We put our every effort to ensure comfortable traveling of yours, but it is must to understand that what you might be accustomed to in the western affluent countries, the Asian countries can’t afford such facilities. Weather is another factor that directly impact on your journey. Hence, patience in mind, enthusiasm and proper preparation before head is must to venture into journey.

8.Travel Insurance:

o You must purchase comprehensive travel insurance package against medical, natural calamity, helicopter evacuation, personal accident, trip cancellation etc. 

Special Note: We recommend to clients must protect themselves by travel insurance , the premium should cover at least $25k to $30K for high mountains of 8000m and belows,wheares it require $20k to $25 k for streanus type treks on height of 5000m.A copy of insurance need to bring or send it through to our office by email. If any unforeseen happens at mountains while climbing or trekking then we claim to relevant insurance company to make sure to avail rescue mission. This is  suggested to all our esteemed clients.

9.TRIPS Amendment:

o To make alterations of any trek / tour itinerary, prior notice is requested. You’re advised to stay in touch with us thus. But occasionally, you may be obliged to do so en route under certain circumstance for instance bad weather etc.

10.Risk And Responsibility:

o Your safety and enjoyment is our prime concern. We therefore carry out our responsibility honestly & sincerely to ensure your holiday trouble–free as well as you have desired. Nevertheless, unless stated otherwise, trip may be change under uncertain and inherent circumstances such as land-slides, road blockage, flood, snow political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay arrival, sickness or accidents etc. Any extra cost incurring there is your personal responsibility and should be borne on the spot.

11: Flight Delay / Cancellation:

o There is virtually possibility of flight delay or postponement for notorious weather in Karakoram & Himalayan Mountain regions of Pakistan which could be happened,  especially during off season, you’re highly advised to reserve extra days to prepare with some delays and avoid frustrating consequence. In case of flight cancellation then our company arrange road transportations from concern city or town to arrival and departure airport.

12. Environment Safety

o Please dispose the garbage separately, organic waste can be disposed at the place and non-organic waste should be taken off the nature .

Best of Luck